Sunday, June 19, 2016

Misplacing the blame (On the Orlando shooting)

On 12 June 2016, an attacker killed 50 and wounded about 53 others.  This man has admitted an allegiance to the Islamic State.  Now, I am not saying all Muslims are terrorist, that's actually quite false.  But I've noticed that many in our political leadership are blaming Christians for an attack a Muslim man committed (including some chapters of the ACLU).  Some folks are blaming gun owners.  It seems we're blaming everyone but the person that committed this atrocity.  In the wake of this, we seem to be missing the point that people (Genesis 1:27), that is, human beings that are created in the image and likeness of God, were killed.  We take down a confederate flag after a mass shooting in a church (which I feel like people blamed on a flag), but we put up rainbow ones and express our sympathies, not with a flag of the City of Orlando or the State of Florida, but a symbol that many (not all) homosexuals co-opted from Christianity, the sign of the covenant God made with Noah. (Genesis 9:17).  So we blame gun-owners. We blame flags.  We blame Christians.  The only people we don't blame it seems, are the ones that did it.  I don't know what would have stopped that.  But I can tell you that calling for more gun control after a tragedy seems to disregard the humanity of the people that were killed.  Saying Christians caused it is a failure to look at what actually happened.  And saying these people were targeted because they were homosexuals, isn't quite accurate either.  They were killed because someone wanted to kill them.   Feel free to have your opinions, but just be sure to know the facts first.  May they all rest in peace.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Incorrect lessons pornography teaches (warning, some graphic descriptions)

Lately, I have been documenting what I have seen in pornography.  Please note, I am doing this for legitimate research.  Take into consideration that I have been sexually active in the past.  What pornography teaches is this: It's okay to have anal sex with a woman and put your hand over her mouth because you don't like the fact she's making a sound (umm, dude, that's not supposed to go there) not to mention you have her legs and arms tied up to her bed post.  That it's perfectly okay for a girl you met on a website (and possibly the first time you met) to perform oral sex on you in Ikea.  Or for that fact, that being sexual in public is a good thing (vans, mall parking lots, parks, buses).  That all women are bisexual, that all women like anal sex, and that all women want you to ejaculate on their faces (with few exceptions), that nearly every woman must have a tattoo, that all men have very large penises, that women like double penetration, and that striking a woman is okay (it's never reciprocal, it's always the man that hits the woman).  That the only older people that you should ever have sex with are your teachers and stepparents.  That, otherwise, all sex should be directed toward 18 years old who have no pubic hair.  That it's perfectly acceptable for a man to try to choke a woman with a certain part of his anatomy.  That women are there to serve men.  That rape is okay, so long as it's fantasy.  Of course, we must make the teens look even younger, put them in pigtails, have them laugh the whole time, and make sure it's group sex, because, who really has sex with only one person in real life?  Many of these women certainly are attractive, and I would imagine are looking for love.  But, they are created in the image and likeness of God, and that is not how they are being treated.  Clearly, these people (not just the women) want to be loved, but they want it the wrong way.  Lust is a form of love, but it is a perverted form of love.    Also, everyone has a tattoo, and all nuns are secretly bisexual, and regularly have sex with each other, as well as with priests. Actually, religious symbols were really heavy there.  Adam and Eve productions, for instance.  It was not uncommon to read about women (especially teens) who specialise in a certain sexual area to be referred to as "angels", and many people have tattoos of crosses or are wearing a cross (which is disturbing, when you think about what's going to happen).  I can tell you the problem with porn.  It's unrealistic.  Yeah, you can argue "it's fantasy", but, let me tell you, as a formerly sexually active now turned to being religious,  sex is not like it is in pornography.  Not even in so called "reality porn" (yeah, because you know, the first woman you offer money to have sex with is REALLY going to go home in a stranger's van).  Sex, no matter how many times you have it, is awkward, and this is a good reason I think you should way until you're married, because your spouse can awkward with you.  Not to mention STIs, depression, drug use, and a few suicides, are not unknown in pornography.  We MUST find a way to stop this.  I don't want my children to be in porn, would you want that for your kids?  Oh, and before I forget, Porn is actually really racist.  Ethnic and racial minorities are supposed to do whatever you want them to because of their differing ethnic or racial background.  The women look incredibly bored and yell at the men to do what, you know, they're already doing.  Hitting is actually quite common, even when it's not, you will find a man that has no problem calling a woman a "slut"...whilst he's having intercourse with her (so what does that make him?).