Monday, February 13, 2017

Why atheism will not last

“Hear, O Israel, the LORD Our God is one”-Deuteronomy 6:4.
I was doing a little bit of poking around the internet (since, you know, that’s what I do) ,and I was reading about different religious groups in the Middle East and whatnot.  I am not sure how I go to it, but I came across some information about a book call “The Satanic Verses”.
Apparently, said book ruffled more than a few feathers in the Islamic world.  I believe Mohammed to be a false prophet anyway, so I don’t see the purpose of me getting worked up over it.  Anyway, turns out the author belongs to some society or another that is trying to make my country (the United States) more secular.  I find this odd, given that our Declaration of Independence mentions a creator God.  Whatever.
What I find most interesting though is how self serving this guy is.  He’s also on some committee to help underprivileged folks.  What is the point?  Does that not go against the Darwinian view of survival of the fittest?
  Nietzsche was an atheist that understood atheism.  He understood that the strong must be strong and not help the weak.  This is why he hated Christianity and Judaism.  Because they cared for the weak.   This is ultimately where atheistic societies lead to.   Those that live of the rich will be considered parasites.
So why do I say atheism won’t last?  The same reason Islam is growing; there’s no divine command for atheists to make other atheists, there’s no set guide to morality.  Atheists should have no problem aborting their children or contracepting.  Atheism is, by definition, immoral.
Christians, especially Catholics, will outlast atheists.  Practicing Catholics, ones that actually follow the Church’s teaching on contraceptives, tend to have many more kids than the atheists have.  And because countries with large atheist populations have shrinking populations, not growing ones, atheism, will eventually die out.  Islam will start shrinking to, as there is not single, standard teaching in Islam on human sexuality.  Atheism will die out, because there will be no one left to teach atheism.  Christianity will continue to grow, but the Christians that believe the divine command to spread the gospel, will spread it.

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