Saturday, April 16, 2016

Why the Pope meeting with a socialist should not concern you

 The Pope met with Democratic Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, a self-professed socialist.  Of course, Catholics are outraged and confused by this, yet I fail to understand why.  The Pope has met with politicians many time before, so this seems to be nothing new to me.  I think people are under the impression that the Pope is going to support his campaign.  Well, given Sanders views on abortion and socialism (two things the Church is clearly against, (CCC 2270-72, CCC 2322, CCC 2425). I doubt the Pope is going to endorse him (as a general rule, Popes generally don't endorse politicians, but they have been knowing to condemn some of their ideas, Mit Brennender Sorge, by Pius XI, for instance).  No, I don't think this is it at all.  Whether we like this fact or not (I certainly don't) there is a reasonable chance that Sanders may become our nations president.  I think it's good for two countries to start off on the right foot.  By the way, I fail to see why everyone is upset.  Yes, Sanders incorrectly referred to Pope Francis as a Socialist, but Pope Francis knows he's not (he's even said as much).  I think, Sanders and Pope Francis meeting together is a great thing, so Sanders doesn't seem to believe in God.  The Pope I think, would be in a good position to witness Christ to him.  I think the outrage in this situation is really uncalled for.  My advice to you, is stop getting your news from MSM and Radical Catholic Reactionaries, but from news sources that are loyal to the Vatican.

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