Thursday, February 12, 2015

50 Shades mentality and the death of Western culture

  I had heard of the book, have never read it.  I have read a synopsis of it, I have even spoken with people who have read it, including friends.  I have read reviews, paraphrases, and quotes from the book.  I will not be reading it.  I will not be seeing the film, which is to be released here in the states the day before St. Valentines Day.  Interestingly, St. Valentines Day is on a Saturday this year, so that means 50 Shades of Grey will be released on Friday the 13th.  I am not particularly superstitious, and I do understand from a marketing standpoint why films are usually released on Fridays, but still.  Maybe it will be unlucky for superstitious people that think abusive relationships are romance.  Maybe they'll see this drivel in person, and realise the way to love is not through degradation and abuse.  I have a friend, let's call her, V.  V. is a Christian, she is a member of the Anglican church in North America, a body that broke away from the main Anglican tradition in the United States (the Episcopal church) due to fears that it was becoming too "liberal" (I already said I hate political terms).  V. was cohabiting with a boyfriend for a while (and may be still again, I have not spoken to her in some time, so I have no idea), but I convinced her to move out and she moved into a dorm.  Now, I was once visiting V.'s dorm, and I saw it.  The "book" "50 Shades of Grey", to which she responded "I like romance".  Okay, I like romance too.  Walks in the park, maybe seeing a movie (NOT 50 Shades), going to the lake, going for a hike, going out to eat, heck even swimming.  Those  all may be romantic without being degrading.  So, I told her exactly what I thought.  "This isn't romance, this is pornography".  I found out some things about the book 50 Shades, and it originated as a piece of Twilight Fan fiction.  Okay, Twilight is bad.  (I admit to having seen the first one, as my roommate at the time watched it, I did not like it as much as he did), but there can at least be a sense of morality in the series (even if it is overtly, or rather, covertly Mormon).  Look, you can talk about the relationship in 50 Shades of Grey, and argue they are "consenting adults", that does not make it right.  I thought for a very long time, I deserved to be used (let it show that I am a male) and I started thinking, that there may be a problem with the logic.  Does anyone deserve to be used?  No.  We all deserve to be loved.  From the least to the first, and the first to the least.  Again, having never read the book I don't know too much about details, but I do know, the main character Christian was molested when he was 15.  Maybe the young woman in this book should have actually been a shoulder to cry on instead of agreeing with some very sexual explicit demands.  And if things got out of hand, she should have done what any sane woman should have done.  Left.  No woman should have to put up with abuse even if it's "consensual".  And coming from a family where one of my closest family members committed suicide because of an abusive wife, the same goes for men.  50 Shades of Grey is not literature.  It is not a novel.  It is poorly written drivel for those who don't know what sex is for.  Sex can be Holy (in the context of marriage).  50 Shades of Grey is most certainly not that.  And the fact it has sold over 100 Million copies, solidifies my belief that it is the end of western culture.  And the fact, there is a movie being released this week based on the "book" I think may actually confirm this belief.  Unless we step up and condemn it for what it is.  It's porn.

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