Wednesday, February 18, 2015

When people say "I've seen no compelling evidence for God's existence"!

  What they're really saying is "I haven't been looking".  Sure, they may have been raised by a decent, church going Christian family.  May have even accepted Jesus at one point.  But then something happened.  Maybe they were hurt.  Maybe they saw someone else suffering.  Maybe they prayed.  And prayed.  But maybe they felt their prayers were unheard.  Maybe they came to the (selfish and probably inaccurate) conclusion that, since God didn't answer their prayers, God must not exist.  I could go into reason for the fallacy between making a decision that God doesn't exist based solely on faulty logic.  But to be fair to the non-believer, what is the alternative?  On the one hand, you have the person that claims to love God but would rather let their child die than have a blood transfusion after an auto accident.  On the other, you have those who reject all metaphysical reality and claim that something has to be material to be real (this is the same idea that brought about communism, by the way).  So what do you do?  This individual has prayed and prayed for God to alleviate suffering, maybe in a friend or a family member, and he sees that his friend or family member is still suffering.  When he thinks about how some people are not healed, and he knows some people rely entirely on prayer to relieve an injured child, he comes up with the most logical belief that he can think of: There is no God.  Now, the logical flaws with this argument are numerous, and I won't go into detail here, but I have found that those that hold a materialistic ideology can never seem to answer me about this question: "If God doesn't exist, why should we"?  They can give me all the scientific evidence that want, and that's fine, science is cool, but it still fails to answer that question.  Do you want compelling evidence for the existence of God?  Look around
-Adam Charles Hovey

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