Sunday, February 15, 2015

I was liking this series until....

About 30 minutes into this episode, an Episcopalian receives communion at a Catholic Mass.  Everyone at that monastery knows he is Episcopalian.  And in fact, up until this episode, I had only seen him get blessings during Mass.  I really hope someone chastised the both of the afterwards.  I think I may write a post on why Episcopalians may NOT receive the Eucharist at a Catholic Mass. I am just upset that I saw that. I had never seen this series up until either yesterday or the day before, and I think it originally aired in 2006, at which time I was not Catholic, and I was 18 anyway.  It's interesting seeing what life is like inside a monastery but that bothers me.  The Episcopalian guy may really believe in transubstantiation, but he was not properly deposed to receive the Eucharist.  Honestly, if I had seen it in 2006, I wouldn't have cared.  Oh it's true, religion changes people.  I hope he was admonished, I do.
-Adam Charles Hovey.

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