Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Are Mormons Christian?

  Well, the short answer is no.  Many Mormon apologists take the words of Iraneus and Athanasius use the phrase "God became man, so men can become god" claim that their beliefs are no different than the traditional orthodox Christian process of Theosis (this is an important belief in Orthodoxy and Catholicism, western Christians rarely use the term, though).   In the this, Iraneus and Athanasius were not referring to man's ability to become gods.  Though Mormons would not tell you up front, Mormons (at least the mainstream ones) believe in something called "the Plurality of the gods".  That is, there are multiple gods, and that God the father was once a mortal man and has a flesh and bone body.  Mormons, believe that one becomes a god through a process called exaltation, that is, through being exalted to godhood by living a strict Mormon life.
Clearly, this conflicts with the traditional Christian view of God.  Not to mention, Jewish and Islamic.  "I am the LORD, and there is no other, besides me, there is no God;" Isaiah 45:5 A
It is not just this.  For instance, Mormons believe that God the Father had CARNAL relations with the Virgin Mary.  Now, of course, since Mormons believe that God the Father was once a mortal man, this would seem to contradict Luke 1:34.  Mormons believe that Jesus was not conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit (they usually use the term Holy Ghost, whom they believe is a disembodied spirit that has not yet received a material body), and emphatically deny it.  (I do not follow sola scriptura, but I do know that authentic Christian teaching can never contradict scripture).  It says in Matthew 1:18 that Mary was found to be with child of the Holy Spirit.  There is much more I can say, but it is past midnight, and I really do have to go to sleep.  I would like to commend Mormons (modern ones at least) for those that hold to strict traditional values.  They may be polytheistic henotheist non-Christians (I know that hurts, trust me, I DO fit the criteria of a Christian, and people tell me I am not a Christian), but they're polytheists with traditional morals.  But that isn't proof a religion is correct.  Just as a religion with a lot of corruption isn't evidence a religion is incorrect.  Many converts to Mormonism feel that their spiritual needs were unfulfilled in their previous tradition, and we Christians (we Catholics especially) need to take responsibility for that.  Mormons may use the same  terms we do (but to them, the mean a different thing), but through them, this is how many people see the love of Christ.  We Catholics actually DO belong to the true Church, and we need to SHOW that we are Christians.

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