Monday, March 28, 2016

Poor Catechesis, it's not just for kids

  A few years ago, I was a sponsor for a man coming into the Church.  He and I are still on good and terms, and we do talk occasionally.  Anyway, after he was received into the Church, I attended classes with him, and the lady in there was talking about the Didache.  She claimed it was written in the 200s (it was written in the first century a.d.). I talked to him about that.  This lady also claimed that "Vatican II taught", and then followed up with heresy (note: Vatican II was an ENTIRELY orthodox council).  While he was being educated on the Faith, and I was standing in on the class, the guy teaching made a statement about not believing in purgatory.  Umm, purgatory is a dogma, that all the faithful must believe.   (I believe it was defined as such at the first council of Lyon, though contrary to Lorraine Boettner's assertion, that does not mean it was not believed before then).  We needn't have heretics teaching religious education classes.  I am in my 20s (I am 28 now, but I was a few years younger then).  These are people much older than me teaching these classes.  I feel as though we should probably avoid teaching heresy when we teach people interested in our Church.  God bless them anyway, but personally I think they need to be educated a little better on the topic they are told to teach.

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