Thursday, March 24, 2016

"Catholics hate sex" and other rumours

  There was a newspaper, a national one, I can not remember what it said, or even which newspaper (it was either based in Washington D.C. or New York) and it said "the only thing Catholics hate more than sex is talking about it".  I'm sorry, WHAT?  So, let me see the record straight.  Catholics do not hate sex.  We LOVE sex.  Let me repeat this, we LOVE sex.  When it is done for it's natural intended purpose, procreation.  Does that mean that a woman is going to get pregnant every time a man has sex with her? Probably not.  But the Catholic belief  is that openness to life show always be there.  What we have a problem with is lust (CCC 2351), I feel like those that engage in pornography are prostitutes.  Having sex for money is prostitution.  And CCC 2355 warns against prostitution, and with that, pornography, CCC 2354, would be and should be, and is adultery.  Porn ain't your spouse friend.  Usually associated with this is masturbation, which is forbidden by 2352.  Don't forget what happened to Onan (Genesis 38:8-10).  No, Catholics don't hate sex, we LOVE sex.  Sex can even be HOLY in the context of marriage.  If Catholics hated sex, would there be the stereotype of us having a lot of children?   God said "Be fruitful and multiply", this was the very first command from God.  I am not in a position to question the God of the universe.

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